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Anlegen in der Natur

Welcome to Schleimünde

Our Harbor is not a classic marina. Situated on the outer edge of a peninsula, next to a nature reserve, it can only be reached by boat. For many generations, Schleimünde served as an emergency port for fishing vessels and as a pilot station. Now that pilots are no longer needed on the Schlei fjord, Schleimünde has no permanent residents any more. The harbor is run by a private organisation. Therefore, the infrastructure is rather basic.
Please pay the harbor fee at the harbor office after mooring.
Please note that we can not accept any credit cards, thus, payment is cash only.

> 8 m : 14 €
> 9 m : 16 €
> 10 m : 18 €
> 11 m : 22 €
> 12 m: 24 €
> 13 m : 26 €
> 14 m : 28 €
> 16 m : 30 €
16 m + : 32 €

If you stop for a daytime stay only and leave before 5 pm, we ask for a fee of 5 €
There is space for tents in the immediate north of the harbor.
Camping fee is €5.00 per person/night, children €1.00/night.

Please observethat there is no waste disposal on Schleimünde. Guests are required to take their garbage with them as they leave the island.
Water preparation capacities are scarce, visitors are asked to use water considerately. Filling your ship´s water tank is not permitted.
Shore power (220 V) is ample available on all jetties.

There is a small tavern, the renownded „Giftbude“ on the island, where you can order bread rolls for the next morning. Giftbude also runs the sauna.
Other provisions can be found in the nearby harbors of Maasholm and Kappeln. Kappeln has also the nearest fuel bunker station.

You can find the harbor regulations here. As they are held in German only, we would like to highlight two points in particular:
Since the mooring poles are spaced very wide, please use one stern pole only, so that other ships are not hindered to find adequate mooring space as well. Especially during high season, it is not uncommon that shis tie up in tandem style.
Also, we ask our guests to be considerate towards this peninsula´s since it constitutes a very fragile eco system.

We hope you will enjoy your stay at this unique place.